VIP Holiday Shopping Night

I know! It’s not even Halloween yet and I’m talking about Christmas.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned over the years. Christmas comes every year on December 25th! And it comes whether you are ready or not!

I’m always in the NOT ready group.

So over the years I’ve tried to help all of you not be in my “Last Minute Lucy” group!

With that said……………………………..

  Holiday VIP Shopping Event

Holiday VIP Shopping Event

Thursday November 8th

Bottorff’s & Company has teamed up with Shelley’s Shack for an evening of holiday shopping from

3 pm - 8 pm


Here’s how it works;

Bottorff’s & Co. will be closed until 3 pm on November 8th. When we open the doors we’ll have all our Christmas merchandise out, beverages, and we’ll be sampling all our gourmet offerings.

You get first dibs on merchandise

AND…… AND…..

we can take orders that evening on merchandise for mega gift giving.

We’ll be offering 20% off bulk gift (12 or more of one item) orders and have them to you right after Thanksgiving.

Corporate gifts, teacher gifts, client gifts, hard to buy for, we got ya covered!

**bulk orders must be prepaid evening of the event.

It’s going to be a fun night! Load up some friends, come shop Sedro Woolley, have some dinner at one of the great new restaurants in town and knock out your holiday shopping so you can sit back and enjoy the holidays.

The RSVP part. This is important!

By RSVPing you get to attend the Bottorff’s & Company event, then you can walk to Shelley’s Shack around the corner and do a little shopping there too.

RSVP with Bottorff’s and you will automatically be added to Shelley’s Shack guest list too!


If you aren’t on the guest list you can not attend. We don’t want to turn you away, but we will for this event.

*** Must be 21 and over to attend



call 360-399-7080


Stop in and see us!


Well….. it’s been 6 months since we opened our doors in downtown Sedro Woolley.

We’re starting to get settled in our new digs and loving the new space.

We get new merchandise every week.

The store is always changing. If you were here last week, it’s different this week!

While getting settled in to my new digs there has been some back office working going on too!

I’ve managed (with a lot of help) to get a few customer favorites available in an online store.

I know! Crazy! You’ve been asking for it for years.

I don’t have everything in the store available at this time but I will be adding to it as new merchandise arrives and I get the bugs worked out. Ooooh there will be bugs!!!

If you encounter a problem when ordering don’t give up just email or call! I need to know what isn’t working.

If you see something in a picture on Facebook or Instagram and it’s not in our store, email or call!




If you haven’t visited us plan a trip!

Sedro Woolley is a super cute little town.

It’s only 5 miles off I-5!

We Have A Winner!

Now that Bottorff's & Company (formally Ruffles & Rust Square) is officially closed in Historic Downtown Snohomish, it's time to get busy lighting some fires under some landlords and real estate people! 

The process of finding a new place wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be and it got to be more than I could handle during the Christmas season, then we rolled right into store liquidation.  So I had to put somethings on hold. 

NOW............... I'm going to make some thing happen!

So today I took my Bottorff's & Company posse out for a little sight seeing and property scouting

 I promise Debbie had her eyes open the rest of the day! Well maybe?  She did have sunglasses on all day! hmmmmmm

I promise Debbie had her eyes open the rest of the day! Well maybe?  She did have sunglasses on all day! hmmmmmm

So after we looked at some disappointing spaces and were a bit discouraged, we ventured up to the Skagit Valley to look at a couple places. 

Some of you might know this is where I grew up. I'm a Bow- Edison girl

My friends have been trying to get me to open a store in the Skagit Valley for years. The timing just never seemed to be right.

Today................... our last stop was a space that my friend Shelley (Shelley's Shack) told me about. 

So we headed to the cutest forgotten little town in Western Washington.

And when we walked through the doors we all gasped!


Here's what we found


Look at the skylight!!!


Ooooooooooooh the brick walls! 

The lighting!  The Fir floors! 


Can you see it?  Can you envision it?  I know there is a lot of office equipment, but try to look around it.

I almost peed my pants when I walked through the doors! It was so hard to be all cool, aloof and not appearing too excited. I still had to get the details on this gem and try to negotiate some sort of lease if this was going to be the place.


I loved it! Debbie loved it! Everyone loved it!

And................ well I think this is the winner! 


We are signing the lease as you are reading this! 


OH WAIT!!! I forgot to tell you where it was at!


Bottorff's & Company new address will be

813 Metcalf Street, Sedro Woolley, WA 98284


Now don't say "NO WAY! I'm not driving there!" just yet. 

I was apprehensive at first, but then I started looking around, thinking about all the great stops between your house and the new store and thought.............

this is a good day trip!

I'm going to start telling you about some of my favorite places and some new places I've discovered while we're moving in and getting ready for your visit. 

And please list your favorite places in the comments!

You might know some place I haven't discovered yet.


I'm planning on opening in March with a soft opening (stay tuned for exact date)  and a full blown grand opening in April. 

I can be a new stop on your Tulip Festival Tour


So in the meantime let me leave you with some information on our new community............... 


Please take a moment and go visit City of Sedro Woolley website and see what made us say YES!

See you soon!

Change is in the air!

The rumors have been flying and it's time for me to fess up.

It's true!


Moving truck.jpg

Bottorff's & Company

(formally Ruffles & Rust Square)

will be closing it's doors in Historic Downtown Snohomish.

It’s been so much fun being part of this great community!  We’ve met a lot of great people, developed lifelong friendships, had fun events and laughed so hard that we peed our pants.

(no, seriously we did.)

Lots of memories have been made and don’t think for a second that Debbie, Isabelle, Laura, and I will be able to get through the next weeks without some serious tears. 

crying kids with cookies.jpg

I'm not sure there will be enough Diet Coke and cookies to get me through it!

After 7 years we have lost our lease and been unable to secure another space on First Street in Snohomish. We are still looking to relocate, so don’t unsubscribe to us yet!

We are not done!

If you are not on our email list you better get on it!


In the mean time this is how the liquidation is going to go down............

Beginning Tuesday December 26th


Saturday December 30th

everything is the store will be 30% - 50% off

Excluding Circle Creek Home merchandise

We will be closed Sunday December 31st - January 4th as we prepare for our final clearance sale

Reopening January 5th at 10 am for our last hurrah.

Everything will be priced to go! 

For our final days we will be cash only

(credit cards accepted for purchases over $100)

Bring your own bag, boxes, and movers! 

Merchandise, lighting, fixtures, and everything out of our back room

It's all got to go! 

Everything will be priced to move, no negotiating on the prices . 

Sale hours………………..

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10 am – 4pm

Our Final day will be Sunday January 21st

unless we sell out of everything first.

We would like to thank all of you for being such loyal customers over the years. We'll keep you updated on our search for a new space and what is in our future.  


Jay & Timi




John & Brenda of Circle Creek Home


Fall glassybaby Pop-Up Market

One day only!

The last one of the year!

glassybaby fall 2222.jpg

Fall glassybaby Pop-Up Market

Wednesday October 25, 2017

3pm - 7pm

Benefiting Snohomish Education Foundation

glassybaby fall 5555.png

 A portion of the sales will be given to

Snohomish Education Foundation.  

 Stop in, get that glassybaby you've been wanting, do some early Christmas shopping and know you just helped our local kids! 

Come on! It's for the kids!

This is the last glassybaby pop - up market of the year for us! 

glassybaby holiday 1.jpg

We will be closing at 1:30 pm on Wednesday to set up

We'll re open at 3pm. 

This is open for everyone, no RSVP required. 

***Due to the amount of people who attend this event and space restrictions this event is not recommended for children or strollers. 


Coming up...................

Closed October 30 & 31

We'll be preparing for our holiday open house

November 1

2pm - 8pm RSVP ONLY Holiday Open House

This preshop evening is for our email customers only.

If you aren't on our email list please sign up immediately!

You don't want to miss this event. 

More information coming to you INBOX soon!


 November 2

City Wide Holiday Open House

Most all stores open until 8pm and decked out for Christmas


November 18

Christmas Charm Walk  

Closed Thanksgiving


November 25

Shop Small Saturday

So much happening in Historic Downtown Snohomish!

Visit HDS website for all the holiday happenings.

Matt Brown at Bertelsen Winery

It's time!

This Friday

Matt Brown at Bertlesen Winery

Here are the details

We are SOLD OUT of our online tickets!

Admission at the door  

$30 per person

cash or credit card accepted

No outside food or beverages please.

Bertlesen will have wine and beer for purchase.

Food and soft drinks for purchase by

Bare Bones Bar BBQ

Sushi by Chin

Simply Sweet Cupcakes

Free parking

Inside seating available with table and chairs on a first come basis.

Outside seating on the lawn. Please feel free to bring lawn chairs or blankets.

No pets of any kind allowed

Must be 21 years of age

It's going to be a beautiful summer evening and we look forward to seeing your there!

Still have questions?


Bottorff's & Company will be closing at 2pm on Friday August 18th to prepare for the event. We will be open 10 am with regular hours on Saturday August 19th.


glassybaby is coming! glassybaby is coming!

That's right! The glassybaby Roadshow is coming to Bottorff's & Company for a summertime pop-up market.



Join us on Thursday August 3, 2017 at Bottorff's & Company from 3 pm - 7 pm

A portion of sales will benefit The Snohomish Education Foundation

Purchase glassybabys AND help a great cause in our community........That's a win!

We'll be open to the public, no ticket required, and no RSVP prior to event. 

To make your shopping experience as great as possible on this busy evening here are a few helpful hints:

We ask that no children under the age of 12 attend as this is a difficult event for little ones.

Bring a small flashlight to shine inside glassybaby so you can see the beautiful hand blown glass in the light.

Sometimes the lines get long and it gets crowded around the tables.  We may have to limit the number of people entering the store. Please be patient.


We hope that you can join us. Please fill free to call us or email if you have any questions.



It's Summer In A Bottle!

It's July and it's time for another Historic Downtown Snohomish wine walk.

Saturday July 8th starting at 4 pm - 8 pm.  Tickets are available on the Historic Downtown Snohomish website.  If they are sold out, then make sure you get your tickets early for the next month.  They don't last long!

Now here is the inside scoop on wine walk if you don't have a ticket.............

Purchasing a ticket allows you to taste at all the visiting wineries that are being hosted by various businesses in Historic Downtown Snohomish

There are quit a few businesses in town where NO Wine Walk ticket is required. You can go tasting at those businesses (some fees may apply) and still enjoy shopping at all the businesses open late.  It's just a wine win for everyone!

Bottorff's & Company along with Blanc & Rouge, Randolph Cellars, Kasia Tasting RoomSkip Rock Distillery, and Uptown Wine and Beer Tasting are among the businesses that require no ticket.

Bottorff's as usual will be tasting Sweet Cheeks Wines from Eugene Oregon.  We have a few cases of the limited summer Chardonnay (the winery is sold out) that we will be tasting.  It's summer in a bottle! 

Chard  marble summer bottle.png

Grab your friends, come do some tasting, shopping then have dinner in Historic Downtown Snohomish.  It's going to be a beautiful summer evening!

See you Saturday

Summer Has Arrived!

Summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest!

The sun is coming out, flowers are blooming, the mud holes are finally drying up and that has everyone in the mood to make plans for some fun in the sun!

AND THAT is exactly what we have been doing!

Bottorff’s & Company has teamed up with Circle Creek Home for a special evening at Bertelsen Winery in Mount Vernon  with one of our very favorite musician friends..

Imagine this if you will………………….

An August summer night, a beautiful winery, a lawn chair with a glass of wine, some yummy eats, sharing an evening with people you love, and the sounds of Matt Brown

You diggin what I'm throwing down here?

Ok you get it!

Now how do you make it happen?

Right here! 

We have it all set up on Brown Paper Tickets for you to purchase tickets.

The $22 tickets will only be available until August 16th.  There will be tickets available at the door that evening. $30 per person.

Enter Matt Brown Bertelsen in the search


You can stop by Bottorff’s and we will hook you up!

There are a limited number of tickets to this event so don’t hesitate.

Especially if you think you’re going to need multiple tickets.

Once it’s sold out, it’s sold out!

Here are the details

Bertelsen Winery right off I-5 at the Starbird Road Exit.

Bertelsen will have wine and beer for purchase.

No outside beverages please.

Food and soft drinks for purchase by

Bare Bones Bar BBQ

Sushi by Chin

Simply Sweet Cupcakes

No outside food please

Free parking

Inside seating available with table and chairs on a first come basis.

Outside seating on the lawn. Please feel free to bring low back lawn chairs or blankets.

No pets of any kind allowed

Must be 21 years of age

We look forward to seeing your there!

Still have questions?


Check out Matt Brown to learn more about Matt

Want to share this event ? Go to our Facebook event to share with friends

Add Matt Brown music to your Spotify